Biuro Snów Zagubionych en

The Lost Dreams’ Office

Elżbieta Jeznach

The Black Hall –Słowiańska 13 Street
02.10.2019 – 04.10.2019, 9 a.m.
Duration: 3 days
Age: 16+

During her workshops titled “The lost dreams’ office” Elżbieta Jeznach, a director and an actress of the Parisian theatre “Miettes de Spectacles”, invites us to discover the intimate world of dreams and to create its unusual record. The purpose of the workshops is to make stories out of the dreams.
The stories that will be visible to others and can be solidified in specially prepared cubes – “photoplasticons” (kaiserpanorama). We will work on a selected object which can be one’s favourite totem or amulet unabling us to dive into a metaphor, symbolism and to submit a suggestion. Thanks to it, we will be able to move to our spheres of intuition, to change our perspective and reference and in result to gain access to our forgotten dreams. they will be cought and held in sound and photographic frames. The following days in “photoplasticons” we will be able to put on stage our own or other people’s dreams using pieces of magazines, small toys, buttons, pearls, beads, miniature figurines, and special light effects.

Elżbieta Jeznach studied puppetry in Poland. Arrived in Paris in 1990 and started cooperation with Roland Topor whose works have been the essential source for her inspiration. Topor’s works are often transferred into the world of theatre which joins actor’s traditional theatre and puppet theatre. She established a theatre group Miettes de Spectacles in Paris.
Participants of her imaginative workshop cope with dialogue between an actor and an object. The objects brought with them – paraphernalia being theatralized – are used to create a poetical ambience of reality immersed in dreams and fantasy. A theatralized object is also a part of stage design.