Chłopiec o magicznych palcach en

Boy With The Magic Fingers

Antamapantahouthe Theatre / Greece

Direction: Nikos Tompros
Dramatisation of the traditional tale: Dimitris Theoharis
Music: Minas Emmanuil Digital Graphics
Performers: Eleni Panagiotou, Nikos Tompros

By a river, in an old watermill, there lived a foster boy called Stratis with an old grouching miller who drinks and drinks all day long.
Stratis is a kind and a hard worker boy, actually the only one that really works at the mill. He wants to become a violinist like some virtuosos ones. But the old miller doesn’t like that. He wants Stratis to just work hard. But Stratis is not disappointed at all, he aims high, and his will is so strong that can reach the sky.

Muses and elves loved him at once and helped him with their own magic way. So when Stratis started playing the violin, all stood still and whispered: “This boy has magic fingers indeed and plays the violin like a virtuoso. So then, his reputation travelled all over to towns and villages and of course the miller wasn’t indifferent at all.

The Castle Museum – Katedralna 1 street
04.10.2019 – 5.30 p.m.

Duration: 50 min
Age: 7+