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Those Wonderful Movie Cranks

Walny-Theatre / Poland

Dramatisation and direction: Adam Walny
Performance: Adam Walny

The spectacle refers to the title of Jiri Menzel’s film about the beginning of the travelling cinema, since the show is staged in a trailer converted into a small theatre.
However, the content based on the cycle of poems “Błędny Rycerz” (“knight errant”) by Andrzej Waligórski and the form of the show which is the auctorial technique of shadow theatre – the manual cinema, do not have anything in common with Jiri Menzel’s film. The spectacle consists of a few etudes connected by the main protagonist – Dreptak Zenek ,who is a local, polish version of the knight errant.

Dreptak is a sentimental sly dog and a dreamer that appears in Waligórski’s poetry at any time and place against logic, history and physics. His behavior shows a different logic than the one of history. The director and performer of the spectacle is Adam Walny, who is also the originator of the trailer theatre and the author of the manual cinema technique.

02.10.2019 – 05.10.2019, 10 a.m.
Theater in a trailer

Duration: 45 min
Age: 14+