Cyrk Sznurkowy en

String Circus

Theatre Falkoshow / Poland

Staging and direction: Krzysztof Falkowski
Performance: Krzysztof Falkowski

What would you think if you were welcomed by a man wearing a smart frock coat with pieces of colourful string in each pocket? Perhaps you would think: “What a circus?” and you would be right. But in this circus you will not see lions jumping through flaming hoops. You will not meet performing seals either. Its brightest star is …a rickety figure braided with ordinary string in front of the viewers. However, there are surprising abilities hidden in this figure. Being a viewer of this spectacle, you can become its actor at one point. The wires steering the string puppet efficiently Pass round. Maybe, by chance, you will show your magic capacity for steering the spectacle music?

During the performance we discover that string can be used to build an extraordinary figure of Mr. Twine.
He gets to know the world around using his thread senses, confronting time and space when meeting objects like a clock or mirror. He communicates with his audience and creator his own way, and he even… (steady on!)… tries to take control of the show!

The Non-Public Kindergarten in Kwidzyn
04.10.2019 – 9 a.m.

Duration: 45 min
Age: 4 +