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The Little Prince

The Sand Theatre of Tetiana Galistyna

Direction: Tetiana Galistyna
Performers: Sand painting and painting on water surface – Tetiena Galistyna
Speed painting and painting with light – Vlodyr
The Little Prince – Zofia Schwinke
Pilot – Jan Domaszewski

The Sand Theatre by Tetiana Galistyna – the winner of “Poland’s got talent” tv programme together with another star of “Mam Talent”- Vlodyr – the world’s fastest painter and a group of artists have prepared a unique show based on “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint- Exupéry, live painted with sand and light, the creation on water surface, connected with acting, light and shadow technique and speed painting.

The Big Theatre – Katedralna 18 street
01.10.2019 – 5.30. p.m.- THE OPENING OF THE FESTIVAL

Duration: 55 min
Age: 5+