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Mr. Train

Trukitrek Theater / Spain

Directed by: Josep Piris
Actors/ puppeteers: Kiko Lozano, Magda Mañé, Lu Pulici
Special guests: Jessica Arpin, Alex Parri, Giuseppe Giannini, Luca Fucili, Enrico Partisani, Chiara Ortis Created by: Josep Piris, Lu Pulici
Set designer: Josep Piris
Set constructors: Luca Fucili, Lu Pulici, Josep Piris
Camera operator: Lu Pulici, Bernardo Brizi


Mr. Train narrates the relationship between a stray dog and a lonely, grouchy, somewhat standoffish old man, who lives in a train station where no-one passes by. From their first encounter, the old man always wanted nothing to do with the dog, but the dog inexplicably becomes fond of the old man, turning him into his object of affection.
The old man, irritated by the dog’s continuous barking and naughtiness, abandons the dog far from the station, but the dog, wagging his tail, cheerfully returns to the old man’s side, much against the old man’s will. Trying to get rid of the dog, the desperate old man takes the animal repeatedly farther and farther away, but the dog always returns, again and again. Until one day, to the old man’s surprise, the dog does not come back, making the old man realize that he can no longer live without the dog.

Mr. Train is a tale full of irony and humour, based on a surreal love-hate relationship. It is about a personal battle, in which the looks and the eccentricity of situations alternate between tenderness and humour. It is a poetic tale that speaks of loneliness.
Mr. Train draws inspiration from the short story “The Blue Dog” (“Il cane blu”, in Italian), written by poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra. A combination of theatre and cinema.

The Castle Museum – Katedralna 1 street
02.10.2019 – 5.30 p.m.
Duration: 50 MINUTES
Age: 6+