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The Journey

Łątek Theatre from Supraśl / Poland

Script, direction and stage operation: Krzysztof Zemło
Musician: Jan Mlejnek
Actress: Eliza Mieleszkiewicz
Painter: Ewa Zemło

A painter, a musician and an actor create their story. the main topic of the story is evanescence, shown with the lightness which is the characteristic of puppetry. The form of creation changes from a plastic performance to a concert and a theatre spectacle. The show consists of three dynamic cycles made in varied techniques of shadow pictures. Each of them relates to the theme of journey in a different way. In pictures titled “The Walker” and “The Rower” we meet varied types of people and their ways of travelling.

In “The Lullaby” a mother travels in time and imagines what the future can bring to the child she cradles. “The Thought” shows us a journey as a process. “The Runner” is a story about the cruelty of life. “The Trace” is a question of what we leave to next generations when we pass away.


The Castle Museum – Katedralna 1 Street
01.10.2019 – 7.30 p.m.

Duration: 45 min
Age: 16+