Pomelo jest zakochany en

Pomelo Is In Love…
With A Frog, Rain And Not Only Them

Fraktal Theatre / Poland

Direction, scenography: Ewa Maria Wolska
Music: Maciej Staniecki
Performers: Joanna Pruś, Karolina Martin, Ewa Maria Wolska
Direction of light: Emil Lipski
Sound: Anna Złomańczuk

“Pomelo is in love… with a frog, rain and not only them” is a spectacle and a concert inspireed by a book by Ramona Badescu and Benjamin Chaud.
It is a story of a tiny elephant living in a garden. He discovers the seasons and the fact that he can affect the world around him. Pomelo’s garden is a sound machine full of surprises. The spectacle music is live and created by three puppeteers playing unusual instruments.

The Castle in Kwidzyn – Katedralna 1 street
05.10.2019 – 12 a.m.

Duration: 35 min + 15 min of sound play animated by the actors
Age: 3+