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The Turnip

Maria Iskustnica Home Theatre / Belarus

Dramatisation and direction: Marina Lazarieva
Scenography: Marina Lazarieva, Leonid Narkun
Performance: Marina Lazarieva
Stage Service: Leonid Narkun

It is a story of a turnip. People planted vegetables in a garden but mice prowling there ate everything they could find. Neither the scarecrow helped, nor grandfather who went fishing instead of guarding his property. However, one turnip survived. It grew to an enormous size and no-one could pull it out. So, all family members tried to pull the turnip out together: grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter, their dog and their cat … and the he chain of helpers was longer and longer, but in spite of that the vegetable was still in the ground!

The Non-Public Kindergarten in Kwidzyn
02.10.2019 – 9 a.m.

Duration: 45 MIN

Age: 4+