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The Wishing-Table

Teatro Neline / Slovakia

Dramatisation and direction : Petronela Dusova
Dramaturgy: Hermina Motylova
Scenography : Miro Dusa
Music: Peter Tarkay
Lyrics : Zdenka Pasuthova
Technology and realisation : Miroslav Dusa, Nikola Liptakova
Performance: Petronela Dusova

The main hero of the spectacle is Janko. He has not got a family, but he has got a stubborn goat called Rosa. Janko lives in an old cottage with a jagged roof. His true love is Anna. He would like to marry her, but first he should renovate his house. To prove Anna he loves her, Janko goes out into the world to find a job, earn some money for the cottage renovation and for their wedding party.
On his way he meets an old woman who gives him three magic presents: a table, a donkey and the stick that can beat wrongdoers by itself. The three magic objects accompany Janko to his happiness and play an important role in the story. What will happen then?

The Non-Public Kindergarten in Kwidzyn
01.10.2019 – 9 a.m.

Duration: 45 min
Age: 3+