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A Wolf And Seven Little Goats - The Case Of Mr. K

Arkadiusz Porada – Theater Des Lachens / Germany, Poland

Direction: Ute Kotte
Set: Anke Lenz, Torsten Raddant
Performance: Arkadiusz Porada

Inspector Kozlowski has to solve a difficult puzzle. Seven little goats have disappeared without a trace. Gabriela goat, the mother of the missing kids, asks the inspector to help her. When he arrives at the place where the kids disappeared, he starts his investigation, but everything is strange and quite complicated. Suddenly, he hears a silent voice from a clock. Then, the investigation kicks into high gear…
So what? Do you know this story? Well, this is an old fairy tale indeed. But you discover it again with inspector Kozlowski. We invite everybody to take part in the investigation by Kozlowski.

The Non-Public Kindergarten in Kwidzyn
03.10.2019 – 9 a.m.

Duration: 45 min
Age: 4+